Jay grew up in Fiji and fell in love with the sea. From a young age he explored the shallows, collecting and later documenting shells and other sea life. At 14 he acquired a boat and the adventures truly began. Long trips out to sea, spear fishing and diving. Finishing school, Jay travelled to Otago, New Zealand to complete a degree in Zoology. Honours at Adelaide university followed, studying the blood chemistry of sharks. The love of the sea never left him, and he continued his studies completing a PhD on the circulatory system of octopuses. Unfortunately, passion does not pay bills, and Jay moved his research to the well-funded medical school. Here he had a long career as a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, leaving marine life on the back burner. Escaping to the ocean for stints surf lifesaving and kayaking helped dampen a thirst that remained. And in retirement, Fiji beckoned and with it the pristine waters and profound sea life. Jay has now set up shop in the very remote, very beautiful Vatudamu. He’s making up for lost time, re-immersing himself in the sea and all that lives in it. And he wants to take you with him.


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